Hole 9

Par  (M/L) 3/3     Handicap (M/L) 12/17
Championship: 194 yards
Maroon: 165 yards
White: 145 yards
Black: 124 yards
Women's - Black: 119 yards

Beauty and the beast is the best way to describe the 9th hole. One of the most beautiful holes on the course is also one of the most demanding par 3 shots the player will face on any course. Lake Woodmore sits tranquilly to the left of this undulating and shallow green, and a high, accurate shot is the order of the day to have any chance to make birdie on this hole. Players that hit the green will be faced with one of the most difficult greens on the course, and will need all of their putting skills to make a birdie or par. Those who fall short of the green will find themselves like so many others on this beautiful beast - in a watery grave!

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