Hole 8

Par  (M/L) 5/5     Handicap (M/L) 6/3
Championship: 565 yards
Maroon: 543 yards
White: 531 yards
Black: 478 yards
Women's - Black: 468 yards

One of the toughest holes visually on the course, the par 5 8th hole is dominated by 2 yawning fairway bunkers in the distance. The longest hitters can power the ball over the first bunker, leaving them a fairway wood opportunity at the green and a chance at eagle. Most players will do well to aim left of the bunkers and use the generous part of the fairway to put themselves in position for a lay-up shot - but be precise! The hole pinches in at 175 yards out, making even the most basic lay-up shot a challenge. Once these tasks are accomplished, the player must think about where the pin is located on the green, as any shot that hits this green will move left with the severe slope of the green. Think carefully and use this slope to get it close!

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