Hole 7

Par  (M/L) 4/4     Handicap (M/L) 4/7
Championship: 423 yards
Maroon: 402 yards
White: 391 yards
Black: 364 yards
Women's - Black: 359 yards

The 7th hole is a beautifully shaped hole, and much like the 6th hole, makes the player decide on the tee how much of the dogleg they want to cut off. Should the tee shot carry far enough between the fairway bunkers, the player will be left with 150 yards or less into this fairly flat green. If the tee shot does not carry enough, the ball will land in one of the two bunkers and will be blocked out from most of the green by a tree overhanging the fairway. The safe play is to aim down the opening side of the fairway and accept a longer shot into the green to help avoid the dreaded big number on the scorecard.

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