Hole 6

Par  (M/L) 5/5     Handicap (M/L) 8/1
Championship: 551 yards
Maroon: 514 yards
White: 488 yards
Black: 473 yards
Women's - Black: 463 yards

The first par 5 on the front nine is a dogleg to the right, with a generous fairway to the left, and fairway bunkers on the right side. Players can challenge the bunkers to leave themselves a shot at the green in two, but the tee shot must be struck solidly if there is any chance of going for the eagle. The safe play is a fairway wood to the safe side of the hole, setting up a strategically placed lay-up for the third shot - but beware of the pond! Keep the lay-up down the right side of the fairway to avoid the water running parallel to the hole. Once the player is in position for the third shot, club selection is again extremely critical, as this green has 3 levels that will make the player decide how bold they want to be to make birdie. A shot that is left on the wrong level or that spins too much will draw agonizingly back away from the hole, leaving a very long and difficult two putt for par.

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