Hole 2

Par  (M/L) 4/4     Handicap (M/L) 14/5
Championship: 405 yards
Maroon: 370 yards
White: 353 yards
Black: 337 yards
Women's - Black: 327 yards

The front nine has numerous holes that visually beg for a particular shot shape off the tee, and the 2nd hole is no exception. A distinct right-to-left ball flight is the shot of choice with the upper-right portion of the fairway providing the best possible landing area and angle for the second shot to the green. A shot that turns too much left will create a difficult angle to the green, and could be blocked out by the trees on the left side. The green has two levels that require an accurate shot to avoid the bunkers on the right and left, and to give the player the best chance for birdie on this undulating green.

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