Hole 15

Par  (M/L) 4/4     Handicap (M/L) 13/14
Championship: 400 yards
Maroon: 360 yards
White: 308 yards
Black: 298 yards
Women's - Black: 289 yards

The 15th hole is 400 yards of beauty, as it runs along Lake Woodmore, gently sliding to the left and out into the Lake. Players who play to the right side of the fairway will be rewarded with a dry ball, but a long shot to the green. Those who play more boldly will challenge the water and cut off yardage, leaving themselves a shorter club into this two-tiered green. Approach shots that slide to the right may kick off the hillside and onto the green, but anything left could roll into the hazard or into the back left bunker.

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