Hole 11

Par  (M/L) 5/5     Handicap (M/L) 11/2
Championship: 541 yards
Maroon: 529 yards
White: 512 yards
Black: 444 yards
Women's - Black: 438 yards

A gorgeous view on the elevated tee at the 11th sets the stage for a winding ride to the green. The tee shot needs to split the fairway for position on this hole, as any tee shot that goes left will find the fairway bunker or a severe drop-off into the woods that leaves virtually no chance for a clean second shot. If the tee shot goes to the right, it will either strike the trees along the rough or leave a difficult angle for the lay-up. Once the lay-up has been placed down the fairway, the player must then take into account the numerous hole locations on this green. Anything in the front is an attackable position, but if the pin is over the large slope in the green the player must beware, as any shot that hits the down slope will kick hard to the back of the green or into the rough. Par is an excellent score on the 11th hole.

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